The Wild Swimming and Blue Spaces project team includes:
  • Academic collaborators: Our project brings together a team of leading arts and humanities researchers in applied linguistics (Adolphs, Knight, Sotirova), place-based literatures (Jackson, Pratt), and place-names (Carroll), leading experts in health sciences and organisation level implementation strategies (Moffatt and Timmons), and an expert on water quality and freshwater ecosystems (McGowan)
  • Project ambassadors and affiliates: Project artist Carol Adlam and ambassador Maria Augusta Arruda (Head of Researcher Development and Chair of the University of Nottingham’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Network).
  • External partners: These include representatives from Black Swimming Association, Freshwater Biological Association, Leicestershire County Council, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Swim England, Partners Health, The National Trust, Thrive Health, UK Centre for Hydrology and Ecology

Academic collaborators:

Svenja AdolphsJayne CarrollJoe H. Jackson
The University of NottinghamThe University of Nottingham The University of Nottingham
Dawn Knight Suzanne McGowanFiona Moffatt
Cardiff UniversityNetherlands Institute of EcologyThe University of Nottingham
Lynda PrattVioleta SotirovaStephen Timmons
The University of NottinghamThe University of NottinghamThe University of Nottingham

Project ambassadors and affiliates:

Carol Adlam Maria Augusta Arruda
Project artistProject ambassador

External partners:

Damian Stevenson Ellie Mackay Elizabeth Orton
Black Swimming AssociationUK Centre for Hydrology and Ecology Consultant in Public Health, Leicestershire County Council
Laurence CarvalhoAndrew PowerMorgan Sharpe
Norwegian Institute for Water ResearchWater Wellbeing Specialist, Swim England Partners Health
Melissa MossGayatri KoshySimon Johnson
Active Outdoors Programme Manager, The National Trust Head of mHealth Thrive Agency Freshwater Biological Association

Illustrations copyright Carol Adlam